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Steak house La Skara Sofia and Bansko, news

Steak house La Skara, Sofia and Bansko

La Skara steak house, Sofia and Bansko - the place where you can taste fresh veal prepared in an incredible way. Excellent stacks at affordable prices. Try our new veal specialties: Fiorentina Veal Stack, Milk & Goat Meatballs, Veal Bon Fillet, Ribeye Steak and more.

A steakhouse, steak house, or chophouse is a restaurant that specializes in steaks and chops. Modern steakhouses can also offer other cuts of meat such as roast prime rib, veal, and seafood.

Chophouses started in London in the 1690s, and served individual portions of meat, known as chops. The traditional nature of the food served was zealously maintained through the later 19th century despite the new cooking styles from the Continent which were beginning to become fashionable. The houses were normally only open for men.

How to prepare beef steak?

Specific and interesting, useful and delicious - this is how we can quickly characterize beef. But preparing it can also be a challenge. Remember that even with the best meat on the table in the kitchen, the way to cook it is always the last word. We at La Scara Steak House are specialists in this and you can try fresh veal with great recipes, such as Fiorentina veal.

For the home, here are some recommendations:
CAUTION: Even a few minutes matter whether cooking the steak, steak or fillet will be successful or unsuccessful, whether it will be a tasty or unpleasant end result. When frying meat at home - choose a nice, non-stick coating and deep frying pan. The initial heat treatment is done in a pan of a very strong cooker, the meat being rolled into olive oil (Americans use peanut butter). No other fat is needed in the pan. Greasing the meat with clean butter is also not recommended, as it can leave a greasy brown top coat, as well as not evenly applying the fat itself. Hold the steak for 2-3 minutes on the side in the hot pan, then wrap in foil and in a hot oven, stew for 7-9 minutes. Then remove and let it breathe for another 5-8 minutes. depend on your taste, but here is the time to add salt / pepper / coriander / other. Dressage recommended! It can be based on balsamic vinegar, honey and mustard, fried onions and more.