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Steak house: How does it work?

Here, you can cook your food the way you like it !

1 - Call the waiter and he will bring you a menu from which you can choose marinated fresh meat and vegetables from local producers without any preservatives. Excellent veal steaks and fresh rare meats. Just nice surprises at the steak house La Skara, Sofia.

2 - In front of you is a large grill of charcoal with an aspirator on which you can cook the meat and vegetables yourself as you like. Don't worry - it doesn't smell! Aspiration is strong enough, there is only a slight pleasant smell of home barbecue.

3 - No one knows better than you how to prepare the food you love! Enjoy the taste of barbecue in a cozy atmosphere and professional service. Steak House and Restaurant La Skara is waiting for you - Sofia and Bansko!