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Facts, steak house in Sofia, Bansko

Unlike your garden barbecue ... La Skara Restaurant, Sofia & Bansko

1. Why we choose Steak House La Skara?
Because we only work with fresh meats that need to stay at least 24 hours in the marina. Therefore, because we use mostly fresh spices. Because you order as much as you can consume. Because you save time! Because our quality is comparable to the price! And last but not least, because the meat and everything else is prepared by professionals! All this in a convenient place in Sofia .

2. Isn't it a little greasy and stuffy?
NO! The masses have huge aspirators that suck in the smoke and smell while bringing in fresh air. There is no grease, no spray and the grills are cleaned after each consumption.

3. If you're a little skeptical
We have barbecue tables that you can order and see how our staff prepares your food. On your next visit to La Skara, you might want to try it yourself.

4. What about the kids?
The restaurant in Sofia has a children's playground where your children can also have a good time while enjoying the food. For the convenience of all guests at the the restaurant , the children's playground is located on the second floor, where everyone has fun in the distance.

5. Organize Business Parties
In addition to the selected menu and multi-colored program, the restaurant is an excellent partner in organizing corporate and Christmas parties. For small and large companies, we offer great conditions for you to have fun and celebrate every important occasion. Business parties in Sofia.

6. Steak house in Sofia and steak house in Bansko
We can now proudly add the Steak House nickname to our restaurant. Our range of fresh meat products is rich in veal, beef steaks that you can find in our new menu!