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Restaurant & steak house, Sofia and Bansko

Welcome to Restaurant & Steak House La Skara!

Unique grill restaurant, where you can enjoy live music and meats prepared in front of your eyes.

Steak house La Skara is situated in Studentski Grad, Sofia. Nice place for private and firm parties, meeting friends and eating wonderful beef steaks! We are proud to add the name "Steak House" to our restaurant as well. Our assortment of fresh meat products like beef, veal steaks are wonderfull. You can find them in our NEW menu!

Restaurant and steak house La Skara is attractive with its well-chosen cuisine, ambiance and wonderful live music, but also with a number of other services that offers its guests:
- there is a wonderful playground for children;
- for the demanding - cook with healthy products;
- for lovers of fine meat - you can prepare your own dinner, fresh beef meat, steaks;
- for connoisseurs we have added pretentious dishes on the menu;
- for party people - we invite and organize thematic evenings.

Do not restrict yourself to a traditional choice of kitchen, restaurant, company. With us everything is special and carefully presented. Try our fish temptations or the magnificent Fiorentina steak, our home-made Bulgarian recipes or the selected Italian cuisine.

Steak House La Skara, Bansko!

Unique BBQ restaurant and steak house from many years till now. Situated near the Gondola Lift, La Skara welcomes their guests politely and with care.

Steak house La Skara is the right choise in many levels. You can prepare your dinner by yourself - the grill is situated right in the middle of the table. You can order raw meat and vegetables and cook them yourself on the grill, just as you like. Try our great steaks! Be our guests at La Skara steak house ans restaurant, Bansko.