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Steak house in Sofia

Steak House La Skara, Sofia

steak house Sofia Many years from now we can be proud with our selected menu, improve service quality and diversify the range. Basically we have a restaurant and organize parties with different type of live music. But not only - we build wonderful playground for your children, mom and dad - everybody can have fun at the same time.

We offer a unique grill with fresh and carefully selected meats that can be prepared by yourself, if you want to. We have tables equipped with a charcoal grill for anyone who wants to cook your own dinner. We added to the menu and excellent veal proposals from prime beef - try our unigue steak Fiorentina! Now we can proudly call ourselves Steak house, too. Because the definition "Restaurant" is not enough!
The restaurant is appropriate and comfortable for corporate and private parties, for anniversaries and birthdays. And that's not everything - you can come to try our unique coffee, too! We may surprise you in many directions. Steak house or restaurant, space for songs and dances or to celebrate the birthday of our children - this is La Skara, in Sofia.

Steak House and Restaurant

Just imagine: You are sitting around the hot grill, eat, drink, talk with friends, enjoy the live music. You prepare your food just as baked as you like it. Then one realizes that the opportunity to prepare your own meal on a grill is not just an ordinary dinner in a restaurant. This is an experience you share with your family and friends.

What is a delicious meal? It is the joy and pleasure that accompanies the evening/lunch, isn't it? At steak house and restaurant La skara, we definitely know the formula for a truly enjoyable experience.

In the restaurant you can enjoy exceptional fresh meat and unique beef steaks, marinated in emulsions of natural oils and fresh herbs. You can be sure for the quality of each product as it is precisely chosen, unprocessed with chemicals and preservatives, and every dish prepared with professionalism.
Steak house La Skara, Sofia takes care of their small visitors. The restaurant welcomes the children with a specially designed large children's corner, decorated and furnished to play well, in safety atmosphere. There are interesting toys, games, entertainment and enough place for everyone. Upon request, there are also extremely nice animators who are always on the line.

In Steak House La skara, every gourmand has the opportunity to take on the role of a chef and to prepare his meat or vegetables on specially mounted charcoal grills. They are designed exactly for the restaurant. If you just want to enjoy the food, the incredible master chefs know exactly how to satisfy every taste.

As they prepare different temptations, you can relax with live music and various thematic evenings - Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian and Greek.
There are restaurants that give us more than just a food. At steak house and restaurant La skara every visit is a pleasure for the senses.